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Thread: '07-'08 season

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    '07-'08 season

    All these coaching changes have got me thinking more and more about next season and the possibilities of finishing in the top half. With McDermott getting a great first year recruiting class, this is how I predict the season....

    1. Kansas. Even if they lose players to the draft, there are always more McDonalds All-Americans

    2. Texas. Has two 4 star recruits and a 3 star. Even if Durant leaves they're sitting alright. Augustin will be the man.

    3. Kansas State. Now this is a BIG if. And everyone knows why. No need to explain.

    4. Texas A&M. They lose the heart and soul of that team in Acie Law (and Gillespie) but the got a big time Center coming in.

    5. Missouri. Could compete for 4th, but they have no recruits coming in. I know they've got everyone back from last year, just not sure it's enough.

    6. Iowa State. Looking for 18-19 wins. 20 is not unreasonable at all though.

    7. Oklahoma. Lost Nate Carter and Michael Neal. Two of their top scorers. Have a 5 star PF coming in that could make a splash immediately.

    8. Texas Tech. Lost Jackson and Plefka. With no big time recruits coming in, I think they're in trouble. But Knight will keep them close.

    9. Oklahoma State. Boggan is gone. If Curry stays and 5 star recruit James Anderson contributes enough, Sutton could keep his job.

    10. Baylor. I wanted to put them higher but just couldn't do it. With their top 4 scorers coming back they will definately be a pest.

    11. Colorado. Everyone coming back, them and Baylor could really mess with my prediction.

    12. Nebraska. Can't see Maric coming back. And Perry was a senior. Not much in the recruiting column either.

    There it is. Let me know what you guys think.

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    Re: '07-'08 season

    Iowa State will get 20 wins next year - I am banking on it.

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