David Kahn expects Ricky Rubio to be playing for Minnesota during the 2011-12 season.
"He doesn't have a buyout at the end of this year," said Kahn to TrueHoop's Henry Abbot. "I'm assuming it will be difficult for him to leave. Barcelona paid a lot of money for his buyout, about $5.3 million, they're obviously going to want to amortize they're investment over a couple years. There is a buyout after that, however."
Kahn was asked how he knows what Rubio is thinking.
"We developed a very solid relationship with his representatives, and more importantly, perhaps, his family, this past summer. It wasn't an issue of him having any concern about Minnesota whatsoever. I think at the end of the day he just felt that him having a couple more years in Europe would be the smart and prudent thing for him to do. He had a lot of input from his Spanish National team members, who all think he can play here, but also thought that a few more years of development would help him. I don't have any reason not to think that's true, either."