I understand that the menís basketball season has been frustrating. You are all passionate fans and you have a right to your opinion. Thatís why message boards exist right?

Again, I get it. Iíve been in the message board ďgameĒ since 2004 and I understand the culture. I love it.

However, due to some things that have gone down over the past couple of weeks (most, you donít even know about because of our awesome mods), I feel the need to post a friendly reminder on what is and is not acceptable here at, as far as posting is concerned.

My biggest thing is all about the word respect. Be respectful.

If youíre upset with a coach/athlete/another poster of whatever, be respectful. Donít be hateful. That does nobody any good. Post a well thought out comment that gets your point across and letís have some quality debate. We arenít trying to censor you. We just donít want rogue, hateful posts littering our message board. It is all about tact. Be tactful. Be respectful. Think whatever you want.

Don't attack other posters, regardless of whether or not your opinions are in alignment. All posters on CF will be given respect, but please report rule violations to the mod team. Issues will be taken care of from there.

Please try and keep threads somewhat on-topic. It is natural that discussions evolve over the course of time. I get that. But deliberately attempting to derail threads or make them volatile will be deleted, and further actions may need to be taken.

Finally, the filter violation. It is there for a reason. Please do not try to get around it.

Thanks for your time today everybody.