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Thread: B12 stats.....

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    B12 stats.....

    really show this team is missing one thing - a scorer. Most of the defensive stats put us in the top or middle third including rebounding - offensive and defensive. However we are dead last - for the last 3 years - in scoring and FG percentage. We lack 1 guy that can consistently put the ball in the hole. We have had nobody since WJ that could fill it up and that is the 1 thing holding this team back. A healthy Scotty next year could help, as could Phillips if he's the energy guy. I think we can count on Ham averaging 10 and 10 consistently but GMac just needs that 1 point-a-minute threat.

    I'm frustrated but I'm also hopeful. This team may not be that far off. Defensively we're sound based on our B12 stats and the fundamentals have greatly improved in rebounding, FT shooting, and turnovers. We'll have some new parts next year and I wouldn't be too upset if we have a new assistant coach on the bench but I'm still with GMac for the next year.

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    Re: B12 stats.....

    Looking through CB's conference stats is the most telling to me. 20% on threes, 42.7% on twos for an overall 37.23% from the field. He's taking a shot roughly every 2 min 20 sec so he's getting a decent amount of looks... they just aren't falling.

    Even more telling for me are his free throws. He's hitting nearly 76% of them, but he's only averaging 4.83 attempts per game. So really, he's only drawing 2-3 shooting fouls each game. I'd like to see him initiate more contact and rely on his fade-away less. Drawing more fouls might open up the game more for him.

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