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    Frustrated by the high school like play

    I wish someone had the stats of how many times we get the ball down the court and either the person with the ball shoots or they make ONE pass and that player shoots. Whatever happened working the ball around for the BEST shot.

    If you watch the games more likely than not, if we get the tip, if CB gets the ball he will always shoot a jump shot rather than going inside. He does not like the contact and that has shown up time and again this year.

    Another stat I would like to many times have we gotten a steal or loose ball and come down the court and not gotten the ball to guard and then turned the ball over? Get the ball to a guard! That is what they are on the court for.

    I like CMac, I think he is genuine, but you can very easily see that there are not set plays to accomplish getting a basket based on what the other team is doing. It looks like we have about six or seven "plays" that we try to execute and everyone is on their own once the play gets going.

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    Re: Frustrated by the high school like play

    He's been here for 4 years. I don't look for a dramatic change!

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