A really awesome experience. We made sure to get there very early to avoid the traffic and lines - was very impressed with how quickly we got into park and how fast we were able to get out of there after the race. IMO, a well-oiled machine they run down there in dealing with so many people.

Loved the race. I jinxed it by saying to my brother at the halfway mark that I felt the race was going by very fast. I mentioned earlier that day in seeing clips of other races under the lights at Daytona - watching a race at night would really be the way to go. Well - in came the pothole!

For us, the delay didn't seem that long. It was our first race and the announcers did a great job of interviewing the pitcrews and drivers. Amusing a number of the drivers just wanted 'em to put a cone on the pothole and race around it. Never had a sense for how big the hole was until we saw replays of the race later.

How someone could not be happy for McMurray, I wouldn't be able to understand. Complete awe and jubilation would be the best ways to describe his reaction on the radio as he crossed the finish line. Having the headsets to be able to listen to the driver/crew conversation IMO, is the way to do it. Made it very fun and while I thought my wife would be bored all day - she really got into the race because she could listen in.

Didn't get to see any crash action in turn 4 - but saw an amazing race. Thrilling how Jr. came up to 2nd at the end. 2 and 3 wide for most of it was exciting.

I'm no Nascar fan, but I'd easily and gladly go to another race.