I am looking for opinions here. There is a big ******* match going on in Michigan because one Wolverine commit, in 2007 was arrested for the possibility that he robbed someone. He was never convicted. In fact, he was acquitted. So after he committed the Detroit FreeP ran an article absolutely crushing the Michigan program for signing this kid. Florida, USC, FSU, basically all the big boys offered this kid and a former Florida assistant had told RR that the character of this kid was fine now. He has not been in trouble since this incident. He came to Michigan, he says, largely because he wants to start all over because this old incident has been following him around. I know, RR has had two guys who are probably the most troubled people in the NFL over the past few years in Pacman and Chris Henry, but they were not in trouble under him and he has shown to be a pretty strict disciplinarian while at Michigan.

Now here's my question. Are you in favor of taking chances on kids with questionable backgrounds?

I am torn. I don't want a bunch of junk going down in our program, I really don't. However, I also think that kids deserve a chance to make something of themselves and I think they should be given that chance. In the event that they don't change their ways, then punishment should be harsh. I am just wondering what everyones thoughts would be if we took a chance on a 4 or 5 star guy that had a questionable background.