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    College Coach's Pay

    Wage inflation certainly seem to have hit the college ranks. I think we hired Gmac for about 750 K last year, but this year the going rate for a decent coach seems to be well over a million a year and a "good" one looks to pull in close to 2 million.

    Same deal on football. Our current coach is making well over a million, but Captian Kirk out east is pulling in like 3 million and Saben is getting 4 million or more down at Alabama.

    I'm a big believer in the free enterprise system working these issue out, but can't help but wonder if some of these institutions are going to run into trouble. They have to pay for the coaches somehow and usually that means higher ticket prices or Alumni forking over more cash.

    We're seeing that already at ISU(and I'm not complaining!), and our coach salary levels are modest. So what do you think? Also I don't ever see ISU getting to the "Big Dog" level in salary's so can we stay competive where we're at?

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    Re: College Coach's Pay

    Hypothetically, me thinks if we have three straight 10-win seasons with two New Year's Day bowls w/ a Big 12 champ and a BCS bowl in there, I think then we easily have the resources to pay the $$$.

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