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    32 Security Experts Weigh-In: PC vs. Mac OS X

    Long, but you know...some of what I'd been talking about in other, earlier threads is being reiterated by these experts (Windows has more viruses because it has a much larger market share and therefore, why would you target something nobody uses (mac)?)

    In their words: Experts weigh in on Mac vs. PC security | InSecurity Complex - CNET News

    One of the most telling is probably from the most trustworthy company on there, BBN Technologies, who literally invented the internet

    Peiter "Mudge" Zatko, technical director of National Intelligence Research and Applications for BBN/Raytheon: "Both [OS X and Windows] are particularly vulnerable to client side application exploitation, both still have vulnerabilities at lower levels within file system, network, and directory services, and the content that most people want to view or process is often from unknown sources and requires a fair amount of control of the system for 'proper' execution--e.g. flash etc. But I suppose that 'neither' is not an acceptable answer...If a nonsecurity-paranoid user next door were asking which OS is more secure and was attempting to use that as their sole purchasing decision. I would have to advise them that bad news lies in either direction and they should instead make their purchasing choice based on other criteria such as what tasks they need to perform and what software/support they are looking to utilize.
    "Of course, I'd still tell them (either way) to disable all of the JavaScript, Active-X, and plug-ins on their browsers (and other applications...such as PDF viewers and various office applications) and to fight the urge to re-enable all of these hairy areas of risk to watch the latest viral video or view noisy Web sites."

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