Iowa State players at 7/16 games were: Medders, Pierson, Bildeaux, Mosman, Ross, Florzak, Lightbourne, and Anderson (2007). Bjerke and Wieben were no-shows.

I'll limit my comments to the new-comers for next year since Medders and Bildeaux really didn't do anything out of their character.

Pierson - She had either Bildeaux or Jill Martin (Drake) guarding her all game. This defense was a definite step up from what she faced last week. (Martin is a heck of a player BTW - she would get minutes on any Big 12 team and would probably be a starter on over half of them.) As the game started Pierson didn't look real good, but after she got into the flow her moves in the post got better and there were several times where she just made the defense look bad. She didn't convert baskets with the ease of last week either, but I remain confident that she is going to have a real special touch.

Mosman - Spent much of the game playing PG and was matched up against JordAnn Plummer (Sophomore PG - Drake). Mosman was bigger, clearly more skilled, and seemed every bit as experienced as Plummer. (I don't mean to sound snobbish by implying that ISU players are obviously better, but Plmmer played a lot of minutes last year, and she did not have any sort of upper hand in the matchup.) The one thing that seems a mystery to me about Mosman is she likes to post up on the low block. I can't imagine her coming out of that scenario alive in any Big 12 game.

Ross - I continue to like her a lot. She is quite athletic, has ball handling skill, and can hit the short to mid range jumer. My favorite thing though is she seems to have a real blue collar workman-like mentality.

Lightbourne - The team she plays on did not have a PG and Lightbourne was actually bringing the ball up the floor much of the game. The significance of the no PG was that she didn't get many touches. Her best plays were on cuts to the basket and garbage points after a rebound. I think ISU fans are going to like her in big way!!! She always has a big smile on her face.

Florzak - After the first half of the game I was saying to myself, "I wish she would shoot more." She took two shots in the first half and made one (the miss was on layup - Ouch!). She was again focused on distributing the ball, but her teammates weren't up to the task and the Monarchs were down by a bunch of points. The second half was a good news/bad news short of thing. Good News - Florzak took a lot of shots. Bad News - she didn't make many of them. She will be fun one to watch running the offense. As evidence, there was a behind the back pass she made to Ross while going at full speed.

If anyone else was there, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Go Cyclones!