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    Need help with Google Maps API mashup

    I'm working on marketing challenges with the national office of one of my organizations (NACURH, if anybody knows what that is) and have been tasked with figuring out how to make a Google Maps mashup that shows the locations and info about all of our member schools and chapters across North America. I've tried doing my research, but I don't understand APIs and all that, and haven't found anything that even tells me what tools I need to do this. I'm assuming actually making the thing is probably a little beyond my computer skills, but I at least want to figure out what we need to put it together so that I can just hand it to someone else.

    Any of you computer folks have experience with anything like this? Where do I start?

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    Re: Need help with Google Maps API mashup

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    Re: Need help with Google Maps API mashup

    If you don't know what an "API" is, I would suggest looking for someone else to handle this job.

    It's really not THAT hard, but you do need a background in web design and programming to make it work. And a webserver of some sort as well.

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