I agree with everyone saying that it takes some time to get the right players in and for them to buy into a system. HOWEVER...that transition should not include them shooting 20% from the free throw line and not hustling after loose balls or knowing how to rebound. I know that Craig is trying to work on his NBA game, but please save the fade away jumpers and no defense for when (now if) you actually get there!
Maybe I am the only one that notices but when Craig is on defense and a shot goes up, he is nearly always out by the 3 point line. Or before the game when the team should be doing lay-up drills and they are instead working on ally-oop dunks. No wonder we miss 10 lay-ups per game.

I do believe that Mac can coach and really wish he could figure out how to in the Big 12...if something does not change very soon this could get awfully ugly.