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    Article on EIU athletics in CR Gazette

    The Cedar Rapids Gazette, which is to EIU sports what Fox News is to the Republican party, had this article by JR Ogden on how a new coach could perhaps get Iowa back to the multi-sport juggernaut the school used to be. I pasted it below, as it is hard to link the e-print edition directly. I always thought that in the last 3-4 yrs, Alford was lucky b/c of the success Iowa had on the gridiron, which distracted EIU fans attention away from hoops until January.

    Next hire could return Hawks to multisport status

    This, that and another thing on Steve Alford and the Iowa men’s basketball program:
    | University of Iowa junior Seth Gorney called his college a football school after learning his basketball coach was moving on to the University of New Mexico. A football school?
    At one time, Iowa could have been called a basketball school. Before and after Lute Olson directed the Hawkeyes to the Final Four too many years ago, Iowa had a program that was noticed around the country.
    Iowa has been a wrestling school, too, especially when Dan Gable was coaching the Hawkeyes to 15 NCAA titles in 21 years.
    Under Vivian Stringer, Iowa was a nationally recognized women’s basketball school.
    Hayden Fry certainly made Iowa a football school during his storied tenure and the Hawkeyes, once again, have had great success under the direction of Kirk Ferentz and his staff.
    Iowa is a multi-sport school. Its basketball program can — and should — be just as important as the football team. Something happened, however, in recent years that made Gorney’s assessment ring true. Iowa certainly is a football school right now, but it can again be a football and a basketball school.
    And with Tom Brands in command it will be a wrestling school again, too.
    | So what happened to knock Iowa down a notch in the basketball world?
    In a word, Alford.
    Look at some of Iowa’s most successful coaches — Fry, Gable and Ferentz.
    All were and are talented coaches, not only game days but every day of the week.
    They worked hard and were loved by Hawkeye fans.
    Gable and Fry, although years removed from their glory days, still light up a room.
    If you get Ferentz to speak at your fundraiser, you’ll have a successful event.
    Alford may be a talented coach and I’m sure he works hard. But what he lacked that the others had was that connection with the masses.
    He wasn’t an ‘‘Iowa guy.’’
    Hawkeye fans want their coaches to win, but they also want their coaches to shake their hands, pat them on the back and, maybe, even remember their name.
    Iowa fans like their coaches to be like them. Alford never seemed like one of them. For some reason — or many, depending on your take — he seemed like an outsider.
    Rumors and stories — almost urban legends — abound about Alford and his life outside Carver-Hawkeye Arena. None are nice or worth repeating here. But the fact that stories like that were spread far and wide tells you he was not a man of the masses.
    In Jim Ecker’s article today, Tanya Alford calls her husband a great man and a great father who loves his family. That’s the kind of men — and women — Hawkeye fans love. That’s Iowa.
    It’s too bad more people couldn’t see that side of him
    | Now we look to the future and the spotlight turns to Gary Barta, still in his infancy as Hawkeye athletics director.
    This is Barta’s first chance to put his stamp on the program and he wants — and needs — to do it swiftly and correctly.
    He needs to do it his way, too. This search doesn’t need to get bogged down by committee and lengthy on-campus interviews. Barta’s career could be defined by this hire, so let him make the call — alone.

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    Re: Article on EIU athletics in CR Gazette

    GAGO-MATIC. They let enough successful coaches slip away to fill a barrel. And the last time I looked, they played multisport like the Hy Vee series.

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    Re: Article on EIU athletics in CR Gazette

    Sombody should right an opinion article stating that contrary to their opinion, Alford is more like the typical Hawk fan the what they want to believe. Arrogant, cocky, thinking he's all that AND a bag of chips, thinking he is the chosen child of God and expecting that everyone else had better treat them like it. The list could go on and on but the Alford's, Gable's and Fry's are the personality of Hawk fanbase, it's just that Gable and Fry were successfull and Alford was not. What a joke.

    Of course it would be a waste of time since that paper would never print such an objective opinion letter.

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    Re: Article on EIU athletics in CR Gazette

    In Jim Ecker’s article today, Tanya Alford calls her husband a great man and a great father who loves his family. That’s the kind of men — and women — Hawkeye fans love. That’s Iowa. It’s too bad more people couldn’t see that side of him.

    Tanya has never been quoted as saying he was a "great husband" which is interesting since it has been rumored a year or two ago that he had an affair. Scandolous....

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