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Thread: Team Chemistry

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    Team Chemistry

    At about 6:00 Minutes left in the second half of the Duke game, Diante Garrett threw a pass that was intercepted by Scheyer (#30) and then brought all the way to the opposite basket nearly uncontested and Scheyer layed it in and was fouled by Garrett. During the play only 2 of Iowa State players hustled down to the other end to even try to defend it. Now I know we were down by 20 or whatever, but personally I hate to watch that. I hate lack of hustle, and in all levels of basketball it is important.

    But its what happened directly after the lay in and foul by Diante that really disappointed me. Seemingly all five of our on-court players met in the lane and began to literally yell at every other one. The ESPN cameras caught some of it and luckily Jay Bilas talked during the interaction, but you could still distinctly hear our players bickering and arguing, on the court, on National television. Brackins and Diante looked like the veins in their neck were going to start punching each other because they were yelling so hard. I find this embarrassing and very unprofessional. I realize that it was the most frustrating game of the season thus far for us and especially our players, but there is a time and place for argument and it is not in the free throw lane on ESPN.

    Did anyone else see/notice this?

    And finally I ask if this is just pure frustration from our players, or could there be a little rift in our team chemistry?

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    Re: Team Chemistry

    Please keep comments to post game thread. Thanks.


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