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    DI talent in Omaha

    what is it about Omaha and all the good players they produce? Three heisman winners came from the area (Kinnick, Rodgers, Crouch) and also Ahman Green Gale Sayers
    Cal Jones (RB for NU in early 90s) and Shaun Prater, who currently plays for Iowa, all went to Central High. I know someone like IcSyU will say something like "thats like ten players over the past 70 years, I could find like a 100 person list of good players from LA in that time period". But when you consider that the Omaha metro area isn't that big that is impressive.

    Also, Des Moines is only slightly smaller than Omaha. How come Des Moines doesn't produce a lot of football talent. It seems that the Quad Cities, Waterloo, CR, IC, and Dubuque produce more DI players than Des Moines does.

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    Re: DI talent in Omaha

    The football programs in Iowa for the most part suck. Especially the Des Moines high schools. The suburban programs like Valley, Dowling, and even Waukee are way better than the city schools. I went to Hoover and they honestly have no business being 4A for football. They can barely field a team.
    One of the big problems is that many of the Des Moines schools aren't very big. Lincoln is big enough, and should dominate the Des Moines schools, but they don't seem to do so consistently. Roosevelt is decent sized and they are usually one of the better Des Moines schools. East is pretty large, but it is 90% inner city kids who really don't care. Hoover and North are small and noone cares. Honestly, at Hoover, only the kids from the immediate Beaverdale area seem to participate in anything. The kids who are bussed in from downtown wouldn't pee on the school if it were on fire. It is pretty sad.

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