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    Tourney officiating "madness"

    I know every year it seems like they swallow the whistles a little more come March, but this year seems to be no-calls to the extreme. In particular, I haven't seen but 2-3 travels and no 3 second calls in the entire first two rounds (and trust me, after taking 2 half days I've been watching them all ). Also they have basically let them beat the crap out of each other up and down the courts, and if in doubt it's been a no-call. Throw in a couple of HUGE calls/no-calls with Oden's hard foul, the hanging on the rim foul (I don't remember which game this was) and countless others in the tight games yesterday, and the officials have been noticed a lot more than they probably would like in the first two rounds. I have no problem with them letting the players decide the games, but when something is blatant they need to be consistent. Just one man's (who as a coach is probably more biased against officials than most ) opinion.

    Im just glad I have Homan as my bodyguard, Eustachy joked. If I ever make it real big and get to drive a limo everyday, hell be driving it. I thought he came off the bench like somebody was stealing his cow or something.

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    Re: Tourney officiating "madness"

    Also another reason we need some bigger posts!! I've been watching the post play alot and noticed we would be getting abused down low against many of these teams.

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