For those sick of lousy analysis (I guess nothing can be done about the play-by-play) after the games with CBS and ESPN should check out CSTV. Maybe you've seen the commercials. Ironically, the new college sports network is owned by CBS, but they present their analysis without saturated ideas said EMPHATICALLY (i.e. Stephen A. Smith) or biased views from maybe former foes or dynastic programs(Vitale). And CSTV actually supports predictions based on factual info rather than so-&-so is going to have a double-double 'cause I've got a good feeling about it. Best yet, I get CSTV, NFL network(which is awesome), NBA TV (awesome stats), and 4 regional FSNs, and perhaps more for just $5 additional a month. It's called Comcast sports package....not sure what mediacom or cox or the dish would have.

I used to love all things sportscenter, but lately (and I use that term loosely as in the last couple years) it seems they just over-inflate the terrell owens' of their respective sports and controversy makes up half the hour. I mean seriously...if I have to hear Pokey Chatman's name 14 times during a 5 minute chat about's going to make me sick. Who wants to hear that? I suppose they should just chance the name: Entertainment, Sports & Controversially Plagued Programming Network... If I wanted that stuff, I'd read the tabloids. I try to not get bothered that much about the media in general and I'm not usually in favor of using this website to vent frustastions but these guys are starting loose my interest. Bring on the non-biased little guy!