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    College Coaching Traits

    I posted this in the KF to ND thread, but I don't think anyone noticed. I thought I would post in a new thread to see what you guys think.

    In my mind there are several different qualities found in college head coaches and the staffs they assemble:
    1. Recruiting Ability - A Closer who can go into the living room and get the commit.
    2. Talent Development - A guy who can get the most out of the talent available. They can turn 2 stars into 4 stars and 4 stars into top ten draft picks.
    3. Talent Management - Can handle a team of superstars and get them to play as a team. This also relates to his relationship to the team and how loyal they are to him.
    4. Game Day Coaching - Good play calling and decision making. He is aggressive when necessary and conservative when necessary.
    5. Public Relations - Good with the media and boosters. They can make the most out of a loss and make wins seem better to the public.
    6. Human Resources - Can assemble a great coaching staff. They also can replace top assistants seamlessly when they get hired away. What kind of connections and history do they have?

    Can anyone think of any attributes I missed?

    It is too early in his tenure to accurately gauge, but I think CPR so far has shown an aptitude for #1 Recruiting, #3 Talent Management, and #6 HR.
    I think his first full recruiting class is better than anticipated and future classes can be even better.
    I noted Talent Management because as we saw in the celebration video, the team loves him and would run through a wall for him.
    As for HR, I think he hired the best possible coaching staff he could have for Iowa State.

    His Game day coaching has been an improvement over the previous coach, but can be improved. We will see how well the Talent he has, and will get, develops in the years to come.


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    Re: College Coaching Traits

    recruiting? really? By your definition of #1, CPR hasn't yet proven he can close recruits that a major program is also after.

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