Dartwan Bush | DE

He is coming for a visit in dec. I beleave. I watched his video on espn.com and he look like the type of player our coachs can do some good things with. He just busts threw the line and looks like he doesn't stop. Great Motor!

I am so pumped about some of these young defensive guys we have.(unlike a few people on these threads) I hope we can hush some of you doubters. AK-47 and the JuggerKnott will be great for us and some of these D-Line guys r going to be good for us.

I'm not saying we don't need to get better, Just more in the cupboard then you guys are giving credit. I know, I know, if there so good why are they not starting, well game time experience does help alot. O and Senior's being alittle bit better and starting over True Freshmen and Red Shirts, yeah no logic.

Just saying I'm excited for the future of the PROGRAM. Happy Thanks Giving