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    College Football Playoffs

    I am looking for a good discussion on College Football Playoffs today. Here are my opinions, what are yours??

    1. There would still be just as much contreversy. The next team or two that would've gotten in would still be just as mad that they weren't included because we are going to change the mind set of who should get in. Right now, in a 8 team playoff, teams like Iowa, Okie State and Oregon would all get left out. Not to mention the fact that the Big 10 champ is not in the top 8 right now, so one of the top 8 teams in the country would get knocked out and forced to go home. You know that there would be complaining from most conferences about not getting more than one team into the playoff.

    2. The rich get richer. In a 8 team playoff, the final two teams would gain 3 more national tv games which would net that team millions of dollars in revenue. Meanwhile, the simple bowl teams would more than likely get even less because marquee sponsers are going to flock to the playoff system rather than put their money into a bowl system that no one cares about. Teams like Florida and Texas are going to get even more exposure and money, and without a revenue sharing scheme, its going to be even harder for other teams to catchup.

    3. In this economy, it is going to be hard to get a lot of fans to travel multiple games to fillout 80K seat stadiums week after week. Even if the first round was at the home stadium of the higher seeded team, the cost of that ticket might inhibit the fans from going to future games.

    Personally, I don't think that the current system is perfect, but everyone knows what the system is so you shouldn't complain if a higher ranked team gets a chance to play for the title and you don't. If you are Boise State and you think that you are going to be that good, PAY TEAMS TO PLAY YOU!!!!!!!! Play someone other than oregon and maybe people would take you seriously.

    What do you think?

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    Re: College Football Playoffs

    1. Just as much? How is that possible?

    2. Isn't rewarding a team for their great season a good thing? Giving them more exposure for winning football games is bad?

    3. I don't buy this one for 1 second. Look at the NCAA tournament...they sell out those arenas for many, many games.

    As for Boise State, if you were a Top 10 team...would you play them? Most schools won't.

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