I sometimes dont have time or the place to pick up the games so I watch through the eyes of the bloggers who are watching and commentating. I know its a big whine of mine but is there a chance some of you could step back from the keyboard as you watch the game and not be so melodramatic? Its hard to keep up with what is going on when some of the posts come across whining about how are D didint do this or the O didnt do that or AA should have done this. Once in a while is okay but sometimes you have to go through 3 or 4 pages of diatribes before you can see the thread about what happened. If you dont think this is to you then it probably isnt. If you sometimes get done with a game and wonder what you posted and why, ( the case in point is the guy who posted he would tell his son to stop rooting for ISU on the ride home from KC) then it is for you. We have a lot of basketball games and I know emotions are high but if you can help us who cant watch it would be appreciated.