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    Speculation vs. knowledge and the press conference...

    I promise this will be the only thread I start from now on about Harrison Barnes. I think is getting to the point where we are beating a dead horse, and it won't do anyone any good to keep on wondering "what if?".

    But that being written, I want to bring up a couple of things in their own thread. I have mentioned the dynamics of the press conference earlier in other threads, but haven't gotten much response to what I've brought up.

    First off, I see a lot of people writing that we never had a chance with HB and he should have just let us know from the get-go that we were on the outside looking in. My question is; how do you know we were eliminated a long time ago? Has HB said this anywhere since the announcement? When I listened to the Q & A session right after the announcement, he said he didn't make up his mind until Tuesday or Wednesday, only a couple of days before the presser. Cyismydog has written that we were in it 'till the very end, and I think he is in a better position to know than almost anyone else. So again, why are there so many saying we never had a chance?

    Secondly, the press conference on Friday; I cannot understand and respect being outright disrespectful to HB and stupid about it (like one poster suggesting we wear ISU gear to one of his basketball games and boo him). However, I can understand and respect being disappointed about the perceived disrespect towards ISU due to the public nature of the announcement.

    However, he is the #1 recruit in the entire nation. Anytime you are the number #1 recruit, by default there is going to be a circus. If he had made a private announcement from the comfort of his own living room, what do you think the over/under would be on the number of cameras and news crews on his front lawn? Would that really have been much better? Also, ESPN televised this live, and had been planning on doing so for what, two weeks before last Friday? If HB is to be believed, and I don't think there is any reason to doubt him, he didn't make up his mind until after ESPN had made all these plans for a live broadcast, etc. What is he supposed to do? Call ESPN two days before the scheduled broadcast and tell them to cancel their plans? Disinvite the public and tell Ames High the show is off? Pretty hard to do that once the ball is rolling, I would think.

    Anyway, just wanted to bring up those points in their own thread. I wish HB the best of luck. My family (specifically my father) has a bit of a relationship with the Barnes' (specifically Shirley) so I for one want to see HB do well. Again, I can understand the hurt feelings that arose from the presentation on Friday, although I don't share them myself.

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    Re: Speculation vs. knowledge and the press conference...

    Point of it all is....HE smack Coach MAc in the mouth...and basically thanks for getting me into UNC by improving my play in my sophmore year to junior

    I hope he gets homesick and comes back

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    Re: Speculation vs. knowledge and the press conference...

    My point is he said he loved the Oklahoma staff of all the groups. Yet, that was not the determinant. So this should point out that this was not a totally staff decision.

    My guess is the our MJ lookalike wants to go to the pros in a couple of years and he will have more coverage at UNC since they have done well in the NCAAs. Duke and UCLA have not been o lucky. Kansas and Oklahoma was too much return to Hilton. UNC was his safe choice.

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