I've never been a huge fan of speculating what recruit will be good and who won't. The college game is so much different than the high school game. That being said, we have a really good team out there this year. A successful season is only going to spark recruiting. At this point, I can't blame HB one bit for not coming here...but I'm in no way sticking up for the guy. To me, I think it would be boring to go to schools like UNC or Duke because they are always good. There's something about being a Cyclone and investing all my energy into cheering our team's on that is really rewarding, especially when we win. I'm so excited to hopefully go to a bowl game this year, and see our bball team hopefully make the tourney. Look how many people go to Duke football games...they are only fans of bball because they are good every year. We have some of the most amazing fans in the country for every sport. It does no good to be upset about that kid from Ames going to an ACC school. Just go support our players who are playing there butts off everyday! They are going to get it done.