So I'm digging through old emails tonight and come across this. This is an email that I sent to whoever had at the time right after a frustrating 91-73 loss to Baylor in 2006. Funny how things ended up years later...

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From: Jeremy Lind
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Sent: Sat, February 25, 2006 9:44:42 PM
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I totally agree. Have you read any of my recent postings? They agree as
well. I am looking for somebody to write for if your
interested. It doesn't pay but I want to grow and have a very active forum
to rival CyloneReport. I just started the site last week and need some help
to get it going. Like I said, it doesn't pay but it can give you an
audience for your point of views.


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From: Travis
Sent: Saturday, February 25, 2006 3:36 PM
To: jeremy

No offense but if you still want to defend Wayne Morgan after this pathetic
stretch of games lately your nuts. You probably could sell the
firewaynemorgan domain off to someone for a decent price right now...

I'm an ISU alum and a big fan but I've given Wayne the benefit of the doubt
long enough now. Poor coaching is why this team is underachieving so much
right now and the coaching staff has done nothing to address the issues.
Someone has a career game on us every game now and our defense is absolutely
TERRIBLE but we don't switch the defense up for some reason when it clearly
is not working. Baylor scored 91 points on us??? UNACCEPTABLE! Wayne needs
to go.