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    NCAA football and Pro Baseball

    I was watching the Oklahoma vs Washington game and they mentioned that Locker from Washington was paid $300,000 by a pro-baseball team when he was drafted. I know that this has happened in many other cases but why does the NCAA allow this kind of thing when they don't allow any athletes to have any summer jobs or make money on their likenesses in any way? It just reeks of hypocrisy. They tell one person that is struggling to make ends meet and support their family that no they cannot get a summer job, but if you can play baseball you can get whatever contract money they want to throw at you.

    Also, wouldn't these teams that these players play minor league baseball on be considered pro-leagues because they earn money and be under the same rules that Lucca got suspended on?

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    Re: NCAA football and Pro Baseball

    I was thinking the same exact thing. Definitely was curious.

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