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    Football musings

    Am I the only one who is somewhat encouraged that clearly our offense is not firing on all 8 cylinders, yet we are 3-1, with the 3 wins being pretty comfortable scores? I really think this offense is performing to less than 50% of it's potential (more like 25% against Iowa). We don't need to get to 100%, but imagine if we could just get that number up to a 75% or 80%. I would think we could win 4 games in the Big 12. All I know is, when AA 'gets it', and he will, this offense is going to be very fun to watch.

    The defense, IMO, has been nothing short of a miracle. Wally Burnhan might be our Norm Parker. As much as I hate Iowa, that is high praise. I feel very good about the future of the linebacker corps, with Klien and Knott being the anchors for the next few years. LJ and Benton will have the corner spots in great hands for the next few years, and we all know how good Sims is. The key will be developing dlinemen, and increasing overall depth with a mix of JUCO's to play right away and freshmen to develop going forward.

    I might get some pushback on this, but I think the Alan Bell we saw in 07 is the best CB we have seen in the past 3 years, including LJ. What on earth happened to him? I thought that his combination of size and speed would earn him a call on draft day, not a 3rd string safety spot. He continues to be a mystery to me.

    Speaking of DB's, I understand why McDowell is furstrated. He was a part time starter last season. It must be frustrating to him watching Banks get burned over and over again and to not even get a chance.

    Overall, I am immensely more pleased with CPR that I was with Chiz. One thing that Chiz did that I like better than CPR is rotate players. IMO, there are many positions where the gap between first and second string is tight enough that the second stringer should be seeing some time. JMHO.

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    Re: Football musings

    i agree banks may be the best corner we have on one side but watching him continuously get burnt i think at least give another guy a chance. If he gets burnt well were back to where we started


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    Re: Football musings

    I'm worried that the offense may never reach our expectations.

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