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    Anyone for Farmageddon humor?

    I flattened your mildcat

    Seems a guy was driving for hours thru desolate country when he passed a Kansas farmhouse, and before he could react, a cat ran out in front of him and*splat*... he flattened the cat. Out of kindness and consideration, he stopped, turned around and drove back to the farmhouse to notify the occupants. When the housewife came to the door, said he, "Pardon me Madame, but I just ran over a mildcat in front of your house, and assumed that it must belong to you. I know this might be hard to hear, but I wanted to let you know instead of just driving off...."

    "Not so fast", says she. "How do you know it was a mildcat? Could you describe him? What does he look like?"

    The man promptly flopped down on the ground, and said "He looks like this” as he gave his best shot at a dead cat impression.

    "Oh no, you *horrible* man", she replied. "I meant, what did he look like*before* you hit him?"

    At that, the man got up, covered his eyes with both hands and screamed"Agggghhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!"

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    Re: Anyone for Farmageddon humor?

    I was just going to post about this. Hadn't heard the "Farmageddon" label until I did a little surfing and found it on a KSU board and the KC site:

    Bring on*FARMAGEDDON!!! - Bring On The Cats

    College football needs to remain a fixture at Arrowhead - Kansas City Star

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