Some sports teams may be on the chopping block at the University of Maryland.
An internal five-year strategic report says eliminating unnamed teams would be one way to protect the athletic program's economic health, the Baltimore Sun reports.
"This is a matter of due diligence, to look at every possible way to generate revenue or cut expenses, especially at a time of recession," Deborah Yow, director of athletics, told the Sun. "There is no imminent decision to cut or tier sports, but we are going to study it."
"You can't have a five-year strategic plan and ignore that as a possibility," she added.
One section of the report offers three possibilities to consider over the next five years: Cut expenses and find new revenue; scale back selected sports; or eliminate an undefined number of teams.
The Sun reports that Maryland has 15 women's teams and 12 men's teams. The average number of teams at the ACC's eight public schools is 22, according to the paper.

Not a good sign