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    "Club Varsity" at ISU

    I asked about this, in relation to the ISU hockey club, but my question was lost in the rest of the discussion about ISU hockey vs. baseball.

    I came across this while googling for "club varsity". It is about club-varsity as a new sports status at the U. of Michigan. The page no longer exists, so I had to get it from google's cache.

    Club varsity squads are not necessarily closer to being elevated to full varsity status, and will remain for the time being primarily self-funded and administered through the Department of Recreational Sports. However, the designation will give these teams a closer relationship to the U-M athletic department.
    In other words, ISU hockey would remain as a club sport (as many seem to like it) while opening up the possibility of elevating to Division 1. Perhaps ISU club baseball could do the same.

    MGoBlue: New Tiered System Recognizes Club Varsity Status

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    Re: "Club Varsity" at ISU

    ISU Hockey is a little more legit than the club baseball team. They recruit players to come to ISU specifically to play for the team and employ a coach, etc.

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