Nebraska went down at Baylor and OSU got thumped by A&M which both move ISU closer the 8 seed. The 8-9 game means a more winnable first round game but a matchup with the #1 seed after that. NU's got a favorable schedule with three winnable home games and a road game against CU and OSU has the tiebreaker against us so it could be tough to stay ahead of either one of those. But, OU has a much tougher schedule with UT, KU, and @KSU and loses the tiebreaker against us so it's very possible to finish ahead of them. I'd be very surprised if ISU goes better than 1-2 over the next three which seems to me would put us in the 8-9 game.

However, all of this is pretty pointless as other than maybe the NIT looking at it there's not much to play for as far as seeding goes outside of pride as we're not on the bubble and most likely not making it to Sunday no matter what.