For anyone that is not going to the Women's Game could go to this lecture. I am going to go because it sounds good and I have to for a class. It is at 7 pm in the Pioneer Room in the MU. Just letting everyone else know. Is anyone else interested?

Zaid Abdul-Aziz, known as Don Smith before his conversion to Islam in 1973, was a three-time All-Big Eight basketball player for Iowa State and a two-time All-American. He was the fifth player taken in the 1968 NBA draft, selected by the Cincinnati Royals and traded during his rookie year to the Milwaukee Bucks. Zaid Abdul-Aziz played for the Sonics for two years before pericarditis - viral heart inflammation - forced him to give up the game. He now works as a chemical dependency professional in Seattle. Zaid Abdul-Aziz has five children, including Yusef Aziz, who played basketball for Seattle Pacific and professionally in Brazil. He is the author of Darkness to Sunlight: The Life-Changing Journey of Zaid Abdul-Aziz.