I have a post game ritual going with a hock buddy of mine. The winner is given 1 day to rub it in good and proper. Then we drop it until next season. Anyway.. I'm looking for ideas IF we win.

Some past stuff we've done...
wake up to 100 hocks signs in the lawn
soaping car windows with score
installing ISU license plate on his truck
painting Hawks on my garage (that I was about to cover with siding anyway)
installing ISU flag pole in the middle of the night
taping 50 ISU posters to the side of his house using a ladder
photoshopping ISU gear on him and posting online
my personal favorite, giving his 2 year old an ISU hat at daycare. He picked his kid up after work to find him wearing ISU gear.

I need something new... any ideas? Nothing too permanent or damaging.