Two Players, Two Responses

Player One, when confronted last week with aggressive behavior, reacted with completely selfish instincts. He threw a sucker punch to an opponent's jaw. Then he went after a teammate. Then he went after fans. If he had not been restrained, he likely would have gone Ron Artest in the stands and created possibly the ugliest incident in football history. For that, LeGarrette Blount (36), you earn a spot in infamy and the end of your season after 60 minutes.

(Unfortunately, Blount will not be joined in suspension for even one game by the mouth who instigated his eruption, Boise defensive end Byron Hout (37). The school's response has been disappointingly soft in terms of missed playing time for Hout.)

Then there is Player Two. When confronted last week with aggressive behavior, he selflessly accepted the risk of injury or even death to save 22 others. When a girl on his school bus waved a loaded .380 semiautomatic pistol and shouted threats, Player Two approached her, tackled her and took the gun from her. He then ran off the bus and disarmed the weapon. For that, Mississippi State commit Kaleb Eulls (38) of Yazoo County, Miss., is every bit the hero Blount is not.

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