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    Does anyone have a recap of last night's (6/28) games and how the Cyclones looked?


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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(anklone &#064; 06&#045;29&#045;06 3&#58;57 pm) Quoted post</div><div class='quotemain'> Does anyone have a recap of last night&#39;s (6/28) games and how the Cyclones looked?


    Sorry for the delay on this.

    I saw the first two games and here is what I came up with:

    First Game:
    Gratias Construction - 123 points

    Jiri Hubalek had 15 points and at least 5 rebounds. He had a nice block as well. He didn&#39;t seem to do as much complaining as what I had seen before. Maybe because his team was winning easily. As stated before, he didn&#39;t spend much time down low. He hit one 3 pointer out of a few attempts.

    Wesley Johnson showed up for the second half and didn&#39;t play a ton. He did end up with 8 points with a couple of thunderous dunks. He can definately get up there. He had 2 rebounds or more in the time he was in there.

    On a side note for this team, there was a kid that did pretty good named Josh Young and it says he is from Lawton Christian. Not sure what or where that school is, but he had 23 points. I saw that he had Drake shorts on and hung out with their players. Not sure if he is a walk on, recruit or what for them. The first time I saw him the other week, he had a silky jump shot from 3 point land and could hit them at will. He is somewhat undersized for a guard, but he seemed very young. Of his 23 points, 3 were threes.

    Coca Cola Bottling - 96 points

    Corey Johnson had 14 points and at least 7 rebounds. I think he is a heady player and very crafty inside. Jiri was guarding him part of the time and it seemed like he was trying to put Corey in his place. It is always interesting seeing future team mates going up against each other.

    Corey McIntosh had 12 points and didn&#39;t play a ton. He had some very nice assists and I counted at least 3 of those. He is a vocal leader and motivates his team. He re-affirmed my thought that he isn&#39;t a trash talker, he is just vocal in a good way. He looks to be a good point guard and a floor general.

    Mark Currie had 9 points. Nothing too flashy, he just hustles and finds ways to get buckets. Not afraid to take it inside.

    Game two:

    Mike Taylor had 18 points. I had him down for at least 1 assist. He scored most of these buckets with short range jump shots or driving to the lane. Wasn&#39;t as impressive as the first time I saw him, but with the Korver&#39;s playing this time, it seemed to change the way they played.

    Alex Thompson was not at this game.

    Central Iowa Orthopedics
    Dustin Streff had 9 points. Nothing too impressive. Mostly worked to glass to pick up points inside or got nice assists.

    Dodie Dunson was not at this game.

    On a side note, Nick Grant from Drake had 30 points. Leonard Houston from drake had 18 points as well. Some of these Drake players impress me quite a bit in these games. Like last year though, I wonder what it will mean for their team and how they perform. They seem like they should be pretty good. We will see. I am curious to see if Nick Grant scores a lot, like he seems to do in these games. He can almost score at will in this type of a game set up.

    I did not see game three, but I didn&#39;t see Rahshon there either. I will post more as I get to go to some of the other games. So long for now.

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    My first time at the games... so I can&#39;t compare to how they did before... but for the most part I agree with what cybernate said.

    Jiri spent too much time outside on the perimeter missing threes... but did not complain as much as others said he did in the past... near the end he&#39;d shake his head being upset with a few calls... but no talk to the refs.

    Wish Wesley Johnson would have came earlier cuz I could see him starting next year. He&#39;s got springs. It&#39;s gonna be fun to watch him and rahshon next year&#33;

    Ashton Sauls... wow... why is he at DMACC? Lightning speed and athletic... Josh Young looked pretty good too&#33;

    CMac... like other said before... he&#39;s small... but very fast and has excellent vision of the court to make some sweet passes. Prolly not his best game though... still like what I see

    CJ... had great moves to the basket, one time just exploded with speed to the hoop. But today seemed to have some ball control problems and couldn&#39;t hold on to the ball on some passes. But I think he has a good future&#33;

    Wished I coulda seen some of Alex Thompson... no show

    Mike Taylor... saw him at first and was shocked to see how small he was. But then was pleasantly surprised to see how well he played right off the bat. seemed to have very good north/south speed on break aways... he didn&#39;t have a great second half and musta been having an off night on three&#39;s...

    Ceasar not there... somebody else was wearing 41 which according to the roster should be ceasar.

    Really bummed cuz Dunson wasn&#39;t there. Wanted to see what he could do.

    Only watched a little under half of the last game cuz I didn&#39;t see Rahshon there. Which his team definately coulda used him and woulda loved to see him come in and change the pace of the game.

    Marsden was there and I saw a great block down low by him. Need more of that from him though.

    Gray played really well from what I saw... he was tearing it up before I left. And was actually Money from the three... as much as I want to say we&#39;ve got other guys to be shooting the three... he hit everyone I saw him take... which was for sure 2, maybe up to 4, I really can&#39;t remember cuz a friend came and I was talkin to her that game.

    The drake guards all looked really fast and pretty good as everyone has been saying about them. I really think Jiri could dominate this league down low if he tried. I just don&#39;t see why he wouldn&#39;t want to be one of the best posts there rather than one of the worst guards there.

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