I'm looking into getting a few college fantasy football leagues started and looking for some CF participation. 8 or 10 players per league. Currently I'm in a 10 man league with all 120 D1 schools and that was a chore to draft in. Since its customizable, I'm thinking it would be easier to break it down into 3 conferences per league. The breakdowns for the most part make it similar to an NFL league.

The 4 seperate CFF leagues would be as follows...

Big 10 (11)
Big East (8)
Mac (13) (32 teams total)

SEC (12)
ACC (12)
Sun Belt (9) (33 teams total)

Pac 10 (10)
Mountain (9)
Wac (9) (28 teams total)

Big 12 (12)
Conference USA (12)
Independents (3) (27 teams total)

If anyone is interested in this, then lets try and get it going. I'm most interested in the B12/conference USA league, but if the others can get off the ground, thats cool too.