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    how big of a jerk Paul Clark is. A couple days ago, I read Jeremy's post about Clark, and since I have had to work nonstop, I didn't have a chance to read anything from Clark. I am a member of CR, but I rarely head to the boards there, because from my experience, its a buttload of unorganized *****. So what do I see when I head on over? Not only is half the content on the bashing of CF and Jeremy, but there is a link straight to the Clark post about Jeremy on the front page! I guess I never really knew what a hypocrite was until today. CR offers some great insider info on recruits, and I love checking the site daily to check their profile pages, but my membership, as of now, will be terminated. I just can't stand everyone badmouthing a FREE site. If Paul Clark is so high and mighty, he should learn not to post comments about others and try to "Be the better man". But no, what does he do? He adds fuel to the fire whenever one of his cronies posts bad about Jeremy, and gives them a little more each time to set the flames higher.

    Shame on you Paul Clark.

    Sure, luck means a lot in football. Not having a good quarterback is bad luck
    - Don Schula.

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    Please, please - stop the madness. Keep this ***** off the board. No one cares about it...really.

    As fans - what do we want to read? The latest update in "As the Cyclone Turns" or updates & info on players/coaches/recruits, etc?

    I'll take the latter...

    PS. This is not directly solely at you ISU11. I would just really like to see this type of stuff ignored by all. Nothing good comes from it. I have a good feeling that Jeremy would like to put it behind him as well.

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    I'm closing this to help keep things going in the right direction. Everybody has their opinions and we just need to get back to ISU talk. Thanks for the support and please continue posting about ISU.

    Go Clones!!!

    Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.

    ISU MBB: Bigger than a single person, player, or coach.

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