As just about anybody that knows me knows too well, I am a gadget geek. I love technology and it's a big part of my life.

Having said that, I was about to post a bunch of gadgets on eBay over this past weekend when somebody refered me to a site that takes the auction part out of it and gives fixed prices for used items. I've looked at the services in the past but the prices they give have typically been about 20% lower than what I could get on eBay.

This time however, I used a service that gave me fair prices and I'm shipping the stuff out tomorrow. I've read good reviews about them but have not personally received a check yet so seller beware.

Anyways - I have never used a referal service on here before, and it's is NOT why I'm posting this, but if anybody else has gadgets they want to sell, check out the link below. This isn't an endoresement since I haven't gone completely through the process, more of an FYI than anything.

Buy and Sell Electronics, Sell Cell Phone, Recycle Electronics -