I've got a DVICO Fusion HDTV7 Dual Express card in a PC that I dual boot with XP and Ubuntu Linux 9.04. The card works wonderfully in XP for watching HDTV.

However, I'm having problems in Ubuntu. I've tried several applications for viewing. The GNOME movie viewer that comes with Ubuntu and Xine player seem to work the best. When viewing SD shows, things work pretty well. However, when viewing HD broadcasts, there are alot of dropouts and rebuffering, and eventually, the players just seem to freeze. I'm guessing (but not sure) the dropouts are because the Ubuntu players don't/can't take advantage of the processing capabilities on the graphics card (like the XP apps can) and are trying to do everything with the CPU.

Also, the whole channel scanning procedure using command line tools in Linux is kind of a pain as well.

The PC is a Dell Optiplex GX620 with a 3.? GHz Duo Core and 4 GB RAM. I'm still using the on-board Intel graphics, which are supposed to be supported by most Linux kernels. Since the card works fine in XP, it would seem that this hardware platform should be sufficient for watching HDTV.

I'd just like to see if others are using HDTV cards under Linux, and how it is going. Also, any recommendations for viewer apps or graphical apps to deal with channel scanning would be great. Eventually, I'd like to run this PC primarily as an Ubuntu machine.

I know there are some media-oriented Linux distributions, but as this is not going to be a full-time media center, I'm hesitant to try one of those.