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    Hobbs talks to Peter King

    From yesterday's MMQB...

    Peter King discusses Brett Favre, Jim Johnson, Ed Reed, Steelers - Peter King -

    Saturday, 11 a.m. (Eagles camp) In practice this morning, new cornerback Ellis Hobbs -- acquired for two fifth-round picks from New England on draft day -- deflected a long ball down the left side away from a receiver and exulted, pumping his arms and exciting the crowd. "That's the first time I celebrated with pure emotion in a long time,'' said Hobbs. "In New England, they believe in keeping your emotions down. It zaps the life out of you. I remember standing on the sidelines in my first playoff game, home against Jacksonville, and getting all excited and I'm jumping around, and I feel this touch on my shoulders. I was told, 'Calm down.' I'm thinking, 'Wow, my first playoff game. Let's enjoy it.' But that's not the way it's done there.''

    Hobbs wasn't happy about his contract, and he saw the Pats draft Darius Butler from UConn in the second round, and he knew it was over. Funny thing is, he's not bitter at the Patriots, even though he might sound as if he is. He's happy he had the chance to play there.

    "I respect Bill as a coach more than anyone I've met,'' Hobbs said. "Bill was so smart. He went about it like the team we're playing is a building. You don't just throw a bomb at the building; it has to be strategically placed. Like against Dallas a couple of years ago. Everyone's analyzing the game and saying, 'We've got to stop T.O. to win.' Bill said to us that the key to the game for Dallas was [tight end Jason] Witten, not T.O. You stop Witten, you stop Dallas. We did, and we won.

    "Early in my career, Bill called me into his office, and we sat there -- for a long time -- studying film. He taught me to look for the simple things, and not to make football so complicated. I got better. I realize I was with one of the best coaches of all time, and he helped me become a better player.''

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    Re: Hobbs talks to Peter King

    thats awesome.. im glad hobbs is happy now
    should be fun to watch what he does there and if they keep him on kick returns

    Iowa State: Anyone who's a true college basketball fan needs to see a game at Hilton Coliseum. Nice is in the DNA of Iowans and the fans here are particularly gracious -- even when the home team loses but gives a great effort, they are appreciative. picked Hilton Coliseum as the "Hot Arena" in the Big 12...coaches in the league noted that, "regardless of talent, the Cyclones have a home court like no other."

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    Re: Hobbs talks to Peter King

    Quote Originally Posted by cmoore_23 View Post
    thats awesome.. im glad hobbs is happy now
    should be fun to watch what he does there and if they keep him on kick returns
    I don't know if he'll be back on kickoffs - he'll be competing with Maclin and DeSean Jackson, but I definately think he got the better end of that trade. He's back with Asante Samuel and that offense has some great young weapons at WR and LeSean McCoy should wow some people while he backs up Westbrook. The Eagles are definitely in the mix as a Super Bowl contender.

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