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    Another good joke thread?

    I haven't heard a really good one in some time. Here's one I would like to share:

    A new elective course in paranormal phenomena was offered at Iowa. It was an instant success and soon required an auditorium to seat the class. At the inaugural lecture the professor began asking the students about any paranormal experiences they may have had.

    “Is there anyone here who has actually seen a ghost?” A lot of hands went up.

    “Those who have spoken to a ghost, leave your hands up” Many hands went down.

    “Have any of you had physical contact with a ghost?” 3 hands only were still raised.

    “This is most unusual. I wonder, have any of you, by any chance, experienced sex with a ghost?” A single hand, way in the back, remained raised. The professor is ecstatic. “I have never encountered anyone who has answered affirmatively to that question. “Would you come up to the front of the class, please?” “The student, wearing bib overalls and an old straw hat, slowly made his way to the front. When he finally made it the professor made a real fuss. “I have never met anyone who has claimed to have had sexual relations with a ghost. Please, tell us what it was like.” The student looked down at the floor and fidgeted then said, “Aw shucks, from way back up thar, I thought you was sayin’ goats.”

    Anybody else got one to share?

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