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Thread: 7/12 CCL Update

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    7/12 CCL Update

    I watched the first half of the final tonight and a little of the game before it. When I left at half Granite was up by 30. I assume they won. Here are my notes:

    Bubu--Plenty of great penetrations and some outside shots and at least one block and a steal. I am not going to make any rash predictions, but I do think we got him as a steal as a walk-on. He is very fast and fun to watch. I don't think he will see the floor this year because of our depth at guard, but he should be great on the scout team. I never heard about him at Ames high school. Maybe he is just a fantastic pick-up player.

    Hamilton--Had some nice put backs, rebounds, and a sweet hook shot. I thought last year he looked a little flabby. This year he looks more tone, and much stronger.

    JVB--didn't see him do too much tonight. He did a decent job defending Ham. Other members of his team were so hot that he didn't need to shoot.

    Boozer--all over the court, but had some trouble finishing. I think he was pretty gassed from the game before.

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    Re: 7/12 CCL Update

    Thanks for the analysis.

    I hope that Bubu does well at ISU. Sounds like he is the type of player that will help make our team better as a whole.

    It's also great to hear that Hamilton looks stronger, because we need him to help provide a big body to bang against the best in the Big 12.

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