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    can you guys help me...

    make this quiz on facebook called What Big Ten School Are You?

    I want to do it based on these questions based on the quiz What Big 12 School Are You?

    Question 1
    What colors do you dislike?

    A. Crimson and Cream (Texas)
    B. Blue, Red, and White (Kansas)
    C. Most Shades of Red (Nebraska)
    D. Blue and Red (Kansas State)
    E. As an agent of evil, I am instructed to hate all colors (Oklahoma)
    F. burnt orange, black and red (Texas A&M)
    G. maroon, crimson and orange (Oklahoma State)
    H. yellow and black (Kansas)
    I. whatever color an empty plastic bag is after I smoke all the weed. Sometimes red and white too. (CU)
    J. Maroon and most other non-money colors (Baylor)
    K. Black and Gold (Iowa State)
    L. I don't dislike any colors (Missouri)

    Question 2
    If you had to pick one of these jobs, which would it be?

    A. Vet
    B. basketball coach (Kansas)
    C. Professional Party Host Type Person (Texas Tech)
    D. Lawyer
    E. Baby Killer (Oklahoma)
    F. Bong and Snowboard Maker. Maybe I'll make a bong you can snowboard on. (Colorado)
    G. Journalist
    H. Marketing VP
    I. Farmer
    J. Teacher
    K. Oil Rig Worker (Oklahoma State)
    L. Landscape Artist (I Mow Lawns)

    Question 3

    What kind of town would you prefer to live in?

    A. large suburb with lots of "traffic" eh? Eh? WEEEEEEEDDD! "(Colorado)
    B. Very small town, wait, what did Oklahoma choose? (Oklahoma State)
    C. large town
    D. large city (Texas)
    E. military base
    F. is cesspool an option? Will there be weeping and gnashing of teeth? (Oklahoma)
    G. One stoplight town with grass
    H. do distilleries and breweries count as cities?
    I. medium size city
    J. 1950s type wholesome community (Nebraska)
    K. small city
    L. In a village made of corn silos

    Question 4
    Which majors do you gravitate towards?

    A. geology, meteorology, the ologies… what'd Oklahoma say? (Oklahoma State)
    B. Wholesomeness, teeth brushing, corn appreciation (Nebraska)
    C. torture, evil-doing, killing nuns (Oklahoma)
    D. education, farming
    E. agriculture, veterinary medicine, engineering
    F. narcotics chemistry, social studies, Buddhism (Colorado)
    G. basketball watching, chalk making, ornithology (Kansas)
    H. Business, Radio Television Film, Law
    I. Beer Making, Baby Making, Party-…Making (Texas Tech)
    J. Law, Religious Studies, Medicine
    K. Journalism, Literature, Education
    L. grass growing, mowing and basket weaving

    Question 5

    A. who did T. Boone vote for? (Oklahoma State)
    B. in the middle; whoever cares about education (Missouri)
    C. conservative, card-carrying republican (Texas A&M)
    D. which party is Satan for? (Oklahoma)
    E. give me the facts, and then I'll decide (Kansas State)
    F. I'm kind of in the middle, maybe slightly liberal (Iowa State))
    G. whoever's for family values (Nebraska)
    H. whatever's good for business
    I. we don't have voting booths in our town (Kansas State)
    J. democratic (Texas)
    K. Green Party! Whoever will legalize Mary Jane! Obama's too stiff for me. (Colorado)
    L. did you say party? (Texas Tech)

    Question 6
    Who would win in a fight?

    A. a bird wrapped in a tornado? (ISU)
    B. a drunk zorro (Texas Tech)
    C. a miniature lassie (Texas A&M)
    D. a huge feisty animal with extremely long sharp spears protruding from its head (Texas)
    E. a wagon (Oklahoma)
    F. a wildcat (Kansas State)
    G. the largest North American land animal. With tiny horns as backup (Colorado)
    H. a tiger (Missouri)
    I. a cowboy with a gigantic head (Oklahoma State)
    J. a corn-fed farmer (Nebraska)
    K. a bird of some sort (Kansas)
    L. a black bear (Baylor)

    Question 7
    Which artist do you like the most?

    A. the Kenosha kickers
    B. Toby Keith and Celine Dion's future lovechild
    C. Pearl Jam
    D. Dave Matthews
    E. Corey Morrow
    F. Keith Urban
    G. Pat Green
    H. Phish
    I. The Killers
    J. Huey Lewis and the News
    K. John Cougar Mellencamp
    L. Tim McGraw

    Question 8
    You're super hungry, what's for dinner?

    A. children
    B. grilled pheasant
    C. ribs drowned in sauce
    D. slow-roasted, perfectly seasoned brisket
    E. booze! (Texas Tech)
    F. Bermuda grass (Colorado)
    G. a giant burrito
    H. organic cous cous and brownies (Texas)
    I. corn on the Cobb (Nebraska)
    J. a ham sandwich
    K. corn off the cob (ISU)
    L. grilled hamburgers or wait, what did Oklahoma say?

    Question 9

    How do you feel about sports?

    A. they're fun, but not that important (Baylor)
    C. I love writing about them (Missouri)
    D. Love sports, especially the ones that no one plays, cuz I can win!!! (Oklahoma State)
    E. LOVE sports, especially football (Texas)
    F. Whatever Snyder tells us to do, we do (kansas State)
    G. I will kill all who get in my way of winning everything. Satan promised me BCS games, I should've asked for BCS wins. (Oklahoma)
    H. They're so pedestrian… wait what? Tommy said he's bringing the 'shrooms to the game? I'm there!' (CU)
    I. Our team can out drink your team! (Texas Tech)
    J. Please don't hit me. (Texas A&M))
    L. I love the tradition and pageantry, but I might not show up if we suck (ISU)

    Question 10
    What kind of landscape do you prefer?

    A. Very flat with a lake
    B. Very Dry, almost Desert. Usually very flat, but an occasional cliff or two.
    C. Levels are calibrated here
    D. beautiful high mountains
    E. rolling hills, small mountains and cliffs. Rivers and lakes
    F. flat with a river nearby
    G. Flat, but we have corn!
    H. Forest with a few hills
    I. Flat, Flat, Flat, but we have grass!
    J. Flat with an occasional hill
    K. Lakes of Fire and Brimstone (Oklahoma)
    L. Flat with an occasional hill or river

    so basically help me replace these questions with answers that would match big 10 schools

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    Re: can you guys help me...

    No. You are a Hawk fan and, therefore, helpless.

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    Re: can you guys help me...

    Uh don't they already have that on Facebook? I'm pretty sure I've seen it.

    I removed it.

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    Re: can you guys help me...

    Quote Originally Posted by rworkman83 View Post
    Uh don't they already have that on Facebook? I'm pretty sure I've seen it.
    Duplication on facebook? Perish the thought!

    Asteroids are nature's way of asking "How's that space program going?"

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    Re: can you guys help me...

    Not trying to be rude, but do all of the FB quizzes have dumb and/or biased answers like that? If so, guess I'm not missing much by deleting all my quiz requests.

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