CycloneFanatic site update

I wanted to discuss a few things that are either noticeable now or will be soon on the site.

We are now at 1,725 registered members!* Not too shabby for six weeks.* I have not heard many complaints regarding the forced-login so I am under the assumption that it is not bugging people too much.* Please PM me if this isn't the case.

The site has been very basketball oriented due to the events of the past month.* With that said, I would like to focus more on the other sports and happenings on campus.* I know there is interest in the other areas and hope to have more news, information, and articles concerning those sports going forward.

I think most of you have probably realized that we have had a lot more articles lately to replace some of the regular roundups.* I hope this hasn't bothered anybody as it is the path the site will inevitably be taking as things slow down over the summer.* I want people to use the site to talk, share information, learn new things about the teams and players, and interact with each other.* I think the credibility of the site is only as good as it's content on the front-page.* If we only have rumors that change everyday, we aren't doing anybody any justice by not getting the most accurate information out there.* This has been mostly my fault by reporting some things that haven't been confirmed by multiple sources.* I feel that doesn't do anybody any justice to think something is going a certain way and then it suddenly changes.

I am harder on myself for mistakes than anybody externally could be.* I don't want the site to have unconfirmed information being posted as news since it doesn't help anybody get what they want.* I welcome any rumors to be posted in the forum and will make certain to state when something isn't confirmed by multiple sources when posting to the front-page.* I will continue to report things that are not public knowledge, I just have to be more careful about how I word it and how far along in the process it really is.

I have talked to a few people and I feel that it is necessary to make a few design changes on the site.* I value any input on what people would like to see change.* One change under consideration would be separating the front page from the forums a little more.* I don't mind having the most recent topics on the top but the front-page seems to get kind of crowded and I want it to be user friendly for all of you.* Any feedback is welcome.

In closing, I just want to thank all of you again for allowing me to keep the site going and giving me something to use my energy on.* It has been a very smooth process, even with the rapid growth we have had.* I thank all of you for the excellent restraint you have shown by being courteous in all parts of the site when expressing your opinion.* I know that isn't easy when you are passionate about something like your favorite sports team.