I raise a question about where you think some of our bigtime players would rank on the national level. I will list the players i believe are top of the conference in their positions and I will see what you think

Bret Meyer i think, on the national level, he would be in the bottom half of the top ten, around 8 or 9.

Todd Blythe I think he would be around the same spot a Meyer, that 8 or 9 slot.

Brent Curvey Hes not as well-known nationally (not like the above two are) so i say he would be near the top 15

Deandre Jackson easily the best CB in teh conference, I'm not sure how well he would shape up agianst some of the faster, east-coast DBs

Scott Stephenson If hes healthy, i think he can be in the top ten

Ryan Kock Probably surprised to see him on the list, but he is, in my ooinion, the best FB in the conference. Unfortunatly, i dont know many FB on the national level so i cant really gauge where he'd be on the list.

Feel free to add to the list or argue with me on who should be mentioned.