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    Cool Jeep Wrangler Advice/Experiences Wanted

    I'm looking at getting a different vehicle simply because I want something different. I'm looking for a fun little vehicle to enjoy this summer. My wife suggested a Jeep Wrangler and I'm starting to warm up to them.

    Any owners or former owners out there? What was your experience like? Decent vehicle during the winter? Softop or Hardtop?

    I've got 2 kids in grade school and I'm not sure I like the idea of getting rid of my 4-door car for a 2-door Jeep where they have to crawl in the back a lot. My wife is hauling them around most of the time in her SUV so it's not that big of an issue I guess but it will still be different than a 4-door. I don't like the look of the 4-door wrangler, plus I'd like to buy a used one anyway, probably 2004 - 2006 model year..

    Thanks for any advice, good or bad news on the Jeep....

    King James

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    Re: Jeep Wrangler Advice/Experiences Wanted

    I've never owned one but I helped my 22 year old nephew buy one a couple years back and I test drove it. I think it just comes down to what you want to use it for. I look at it a lot like owning a motorcycle. Fun to have in the garage but would suck as a daily driver.

    His was brand new and it drove like a 30 year old car. It was the 6cyl model but it felt underpowered, interior was what you expect with a Jeep, the motor was loud, the ride was terrible. As a 22 year old he loved it. He would leave the doors off and cruise around town. As an almost 40 year old I didn't really get why someone would want one.

    A year later I rode in one that had been modified with big tires, engine upgrades, suspension upgrades, etc and it was a lot more fun.

    If I was looking to buy one I would buy a used one that someone spent a lot of money on.

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    Re: Jeep Wrangler Advice/Experiences Wanted

    I actually have one for sale but honestly, if you have kids I wouldn't go for a Wrangler. It'd be terrible to transport kids and unsafe, in my opinion. I wont even drive with my 2yr old nephew just because I feel like it would actually be endangering him more than I have comfort for. BUT if you decide it's what you want give me a hollar.

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    Re: Jeep Wrangler Advice/Experiences Wanted

    I had a 2002 Wrangler X until last Xmas. I enjoyed it a lot and so did my wife, but really it was way more fun in the summer. The winter, not as much but it wasnt bad.

    It was a soft top, which was pretty easy to take off, but kinda a pain in the *** to put back on, at least if you were in a hurry. I had to replace a zipper on the back window for about $150, it was worth it though for it to work properly.

    Definitely DO NOT get a 4 cylinder. They take forever to get up to speed on the highway. Mine wasnt, it was a 6, but I test drove some and had driven a friends and they suck.

    My X didnt have air, but that was about the only drawback. There are 4 versions, maybe a few more with different door options.

    There are several magazines you can get where you can customize every single part on your jeep. Pretty sweet if you are into that. You can even build your own if you really wanted to.

    I dont have kids, but if there is very little leg room in the back if there are ever more than 2 people in the Jeep. Our dogs loved going on rides with the top off almost as much as we did. They are small so we had seat belts/ harnesses for them.

    They dont always run the smoothest due to oversized tires etc, but you get used to it. It wasnt built for a smooth ride. They are very easy to work on or change the oil or whatever.

    The heaters in them are kickass, i was never really cold in it in the winter, even though it was a soft top.

    If I buy another Wrangler, i will buy an older one, and maybe keep it as a second vehicle for fun in the summer.

    Any other questions let me know.


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