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    ISU Tailgate Tour

    Hello, anyone has gone to the tailgate tour lately ? I want to ask whether the football and basketball that you can use to get autograph are available for sale ?
    I ordered the basketball and football last week since I plan to attend Minneapolis' tailgate tour, but I was told by the ISU Bookstore that they ran out of the football and would get it by this Friday.
    Also, what were your experiences ? This will be my first time. How did the coaches and JP interact with the fans ?

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    Re: ISU Tailgate Tour

    I went to the one CR and it was a great time. Had both kids and the hub with.

    In CR at least, there was a tent that sold merchandise - so you could buy footballs, basketballs, t-shirts, etc... for coaches/players to sign. There was also a section around the perimeter of the main tent where athletes were signing posters (mostly FB at CR) and different groups were handing out free stuff (Ames tourism board, Alumni Association, MidAmerican Energy, etc...) so you could walk around and pick up all the free magnets, pencils, reusable bags and keychains you wanted.

    The first hour or so of the event was all socializing. There was a play area for the kids (bounce houses) and Cy was walking around. Coaches, JP, and other Athletic/University staff were milling around and talking to people. I had good convos with John Walters and JP as well as a quick Good Luck to KJ. Even the student athletes were really great about talking to everyone and taking pictures with people (kids especially).

    There was about a 30-40 minute "program" where various coaches and staff got up to talk about their respective sports and how things were going. CPR was great to listen to, as was KJ. Things were a little hard to hear at times, but I think that had more to do with the setup of the tent and the fact the even was held next to one of the busiest streets in CR.

    Overall, it was a great time and I would definitely go again.

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