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    Giddy on up!


    OKOBOJI, Iowa - The Iowa State University Department of Athletics received approval from the Board of Regents to move forward with its comprehensive facility master plan.

    Director of Athletics Jamie Pollard shared a four-phased vision, which included extensive renovations for James H. Hilton Coliseum and Jack Trice Stadium, along with proposals for a new Student Recreation Center and the concept of a Gateway Athletics Complex.

    "The future of Iowa State University athletics rests largely with our ability to re-invest in our program and that is particularly pressing in the area of facilities," Pollard said. "Facility development and improvement affects directly our two most important constituents: student-athletes and fans. There is a cost to delaying facility improvements. As we sit idly, our competition is quickly widening the gap between what we can offer our student-athletes and fans and what our peers are developing."

    Pollard started his presentation by noting 52 years ago, Dr. James H. Hilton dreamed of an Iowa State Center, which would revolutionize the campus. Skeptics called Hilton "unrealistic" and "just plain crazy". But Dr. Hilton persisted and his dream was realized.

    That same persistence and forward thinking, Pollard said, is "what inspires us to believe we can elevate Iowa State University's athletics facilities to a level fitting one of the nation's truly outstanding education centers."

    The multi-faceted master plan includes a major remodeling of Hilton Coliseum (basketball and volleyball practice facility, office complex and a Hall of Fame / gathering venue for fans on game day), significant upgrades at Jack Trice Stadium (bowled in south end zone, additional suites, club seats, restrooms, concessions and classic perimeter fencing), Student Recreation Center (aquatics center and gymnastics practice facility) and the concept of a Gateway Athletics Complex (located east of Jack Trice, which would house tennis, outdoor track, softball and baseball).

    The Regents supported the facility plan which allows the project to now move into the fundraising phase.

    "Now, that we've received approval to begin fundraising for the project, we'll shift our focus towards introducing the concept to `Cyclone Nation' and building support for this spectacular vision," Pollard said.

    For additional information, please click:

    Facility Master Plan (PDF)
    Board of Regents materials (PDF)
    Project Timeline (PDF)
    Funding (Trice Suites & gates, Hilton practice facility and renovations PDF)
    Funding (Trice end zone project PDF)
    Hilton Coliseum Renderings
    Jack Trice Stadium Renderings

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    That looks pretty cool. Now with the regents approval it seems more realistic. Is that timeline for the football endzone project for Fall 2010 the start or the finish? Because I would assume it will take some time to complete. If its the finish then are they going to break ground the spring of 09?

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    I got teary eyed looking at the stadium plans. Thank you Mr. Pollard

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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Greg &#064; Jun 21 2006, 01&#58;46 PM) Quoted post</div><div class='quotemain'> I got teary eyed looking at the stadium plans. Thank you Mr. Pollard [/b][/quote]

    Don&#39;t let any of those tears smear the ink on the check we will be sending to make it happen:) [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/cool.gif[/img]

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