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    Smile To get to the Big Dance

    After yesterdays game was over I realized that we have been playing pretty good basketball lately even when we haven't shot well. This got me thinking about what it would to get to the NCAA tourny.

    First of all to get there would be overacheiving a lot. There was nobody that I know of that thought we had even a remote chance of making it to the NCAA tournament. If you recall the last two years we opened up losing at least our first two conference games which really put us in a deep hole. Two years ago we made the tournament after starting off like 0-4 in the Big 12. We already have huge advantages over those teams with our coach and our 2-1 record and having lost to the 1st place team in our conference in overtime!

    In order to reach the goal (NCAA tournament) we will need close to 20 wins. We have a shot with 18 but 20 is almost automatic in the Big 12. So I'll assume we need 20.

    Our next two game are crucial to this goal. If we win our next two against Colorado and Kansas State (two sub par teams in the conference) we sit at 4-1 in the conference and 13 total wins. That would most likely put us in the top 4 of the conference. The next two games would be tough but if we could win one of those on the road it would give our squad a huge confidence booster. Then we'd play Missouri and Baylor at home. They are respectable but beatable teams. If we'd take two of these to go along with one out of OSU and Tx. A&M we'd be sitting at 7-2 in the conference and 16 total wins with seven regular season games left. This would be a stretch to be sitting at this position but it is possible. Then likley a loss at Texas and a close win against OU at home we'd be at 17 wins. We should be able to take 3 of 5 out of KSU, KU, Buffs, Tech, and Nebraska with only two of those at home we'd be at our 20 wins with the Big 12 tourny left. This is very wishful thinking put it gives you an idea of what this team has a chance to do. Just writing this gets me excited. Especially with next years talent coming in.

    "It's not my fault that an opposing player isn't as strong as me" - Marcus Fizer

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    Re: To get to the Big Dance

    The next 5 games (through Baylor) will set the table for the rest of our season. We've got 3 very winable games there and 2 tough road games.

    I think we'll all know what to expect after that.

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