Iím not sure if this can be coded, but this is an idea that Iíve had for awhile now.

Before every game we usually see a thread that has a poll that has predictions for the outcome of the coming game. This would take it a couple of steps further. Each member of Cyclone Fanatic would be able to submit (this is that part that Iím not sure how the coding of the web page would work, but there must be a way) their prediction in the form of the final score. Not a range but the actual final score that they predict. Then a program will calculate who was the most accurate. This would also keep track of who is the most accurate at predicting the outcome of Cyclone games.


User1 predicts final score of ISU 70 Ė CU 49
User2 predicts final score of ISU 68 Ė CU 70
User3 predicts final score of ISU 100 Ė CU 20
(and so on and so on for any and all users that place their vote)

True Final score turns of to be ISU 71 Ė CU 55

Therefore User1 would get the most points, User2 would get the second most, and User3 was way off.

Score for each Users are kept up to date somewhere on CF for all to see which member is the best!

Example of Ranking Page:

User ----- Last Game Pts ----- YTD Pts ----- CF Ranking
User1 ----- 10 ----- 34 ---- 1st
User2 ----- 8 ----- 20 ---- 2nd
User3 ----- 1 ----- 19 ---- 3rd


Ok, so like I said Iím not sure if itís even possible to do on a forum based website, just something that I thought would be pretty cool. Even though we are in the middle of the basket ball season Iím sure if this was able to be coded we could start this for all sports. Just think of the trash talking we could have over this with a full season! It would really let us see which members know the Cyclones best!