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    Just an idea I thought I'd suggest

    I saw a little quote in Prone2Clone's signature:

    JOIN THE NATIONAL CYCLONE CLUB!“If we truly want to do this, this is the time to step up. Iowa State University has 175,000 living alumni. If one-of-every-10 living alumni joined the National Cyclone Club at the minimum level of $100, we could finance $30 million worth of construction." Jamie Pollard

    What gets me is the "minimum level of $100" part. Just in case everyone hasn't noticed, we are in a recession, and a rather severe one. So why not temporarily drop the "minimum level" $50? I realise that anyone can send in any amount they like, but then you would just be sending in money, and wouldn't get NCC membership out of it.

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    Re: Just an idea I thought I'd suggest

    That is an excellent idea. Either temporarily drop it to $50 - OR - make it $50 for the first year only for new members and for former members who let their membership lapse for whatever reason and are now returning. Or give something tangible to those who pay the $100, like a coupon for five or ten bucks off on tickets for the football game in Kansas City and for five or ten bucks off tickets to a bowl game purchased through the ISU ticket office. That savings will motivate people to buy membership. And it won't cost much as the percentage who will actually go to the KC game, remember they have a coupon and not lose it, and cash it in, is pretty small. And the chance of any bowl game coupons being needed is even smaller. But it gives people something with a ISU logo that they will stick on their refrigerator and see every day.

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